What to Pack for a Weekend Tournament

So, you’re in Marshall, MN for a weekend sports tournament?

No matter what the sport (hockey, baseball, softball, soccer) there are certain must-pack items that will make the weekend more enjoyable for everyone.

Follow this list of the top ten things to pack for a weekend tournament.

Hockey & Ice Skating in Marshall MN

10 Things to Pack for a Weekend Tournament

  1. Cooler: With an all-day tournament, grabbing lunch in between games can be tricky. Having a cooler you can stash in your car stocked with sandwiches is a great strategy to feed your crew before heading out to one of the great restaurants in Marshall for a celebratory dinner.
  2. Extra clothes: You know kids playing in the tournament will get sweaty and dirty, but we guarantee that the kids on the sideline will be taking advantage of the great places to play at Marshall’s outdoor fields. Outdoor fun leads to messy kids and having an extra change of clothes on hand was never a bad idea.
  3. Pool supplies: When you’re staying at a hotel in Marshall, odds are you’re going to have access to a great pool. That means you’ll definitely need swimsuits and flip-flops for the walk from the room. If the tournament is a large one, you may also want to throw in an extra towel or two just in case they run out when everyone heads to the pool to cool off.
  4. Snacks: You can count on the great breakfast restaurants in Marshall to fuel your crew up for an active day but you’ll also need to pack some extra snacks. Your athlete will need the extra fuel as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up and your non-athlete crew will need it as a distraction when the game enters its second or third hour.
  5. Bug repellant/Sunscreen: If your team is playing at the Red Barn Arena & Expo, you can probably leave this at home (unless you want to take advantage of our many parks and bike trails during tournament downtime). Otherwise, you’ll want to slather up and spray down to keep everyone comfortable throughout the day.
  6. Sideline accommodations: A folding chair and canopy or umbrella can transform your outdoor sideline experience from tolerable to downright enjoyable. If you find yourself without one, be sure to stop by one of the many sporting goods stores in Marshall to get just the right set-up for an optimal sideline experience.
  7. Entertainment for non-athletes: The worst part of a weekend tournament is finding ways to keep non-athletes entertained while also watching the games. If you accidentally leave the tablet at home, you can pair up with another parent and take turns taking the kids not competing to one of Marshall’s parks or entertainment venues to cure sideline boredom. There are lots of free and low-cost options for keeping everyone entertained all weekend.
  8. Basic first aid supplies: Children’s ibuprofen, band-aids, antibiotic ointment, ACE bandages, and ice packs are never out of place when youth sports are involved.
  9. Multiple water bottles: Keeping hydrated is the best way to keep your athlete at peak performance. Having multiple water bottles on hand means you’re not stuck hunting down a water fountain when one runs out.
  10. Hand towels/rags: In a spring or summer tournament, having rags on hand that you can wet and use to help people cool off can be a lifesaver. While Marshall normally has temperate weather, summer days can still be sweltering when you’re sitting outside all weekend.

We hope this list helps you enjoy your weekend in Marshall to its fullest since you don’t have to worry about what you pack!


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