Community Tourism Support

Community Tourism Support

The purpose of the Visit Marshall Tourism Grant is to provide financial investment for tourism projects by assisting with new events, established events, sports tournaments, tourist attractions, as well as local associations that promote and bring tourism to town. By doing this, we hope to increase the economic impact of visitors, increase spending, hotel stays & day visits, generate media awareness, and enhance the quality of life for Marshall residents.

Each application/proposed project will be reviewed individually to determine its potential economic impact on local accommodations and restaurants by our Board of Directors on a monthly basis.

Grant funds available up to $1,000 per group.

Who is eligible for this program?

Sports Associations

Activity Associations


Local Tourist Attractions

Sports Tournaments


As required by the Marshall city ordinance, projects must attract visitors to the City of Marshall. Tournaments, Activities & Events must take place in the city of Marshall.

  • Generate additional tourism-related tax dollars within the City of Marshall
  • Promote eating and drinking establishments in the City of Marshall
  • Generate overnight stays in City of Marshall lodging facilities
  • Promote and highlight the City of Marshall’s historic, art and cultural venues, recreational facilities, trails and events, and the uniqueness of the local community
  • Promote the growth of sports / activity-related tourism to the community
  • Advertise and promote tourism so as to develop and increase tourist attendance through the generation of publicity


  • All projects and/or events must occur within the Marshall city limits.
  • The event must be marketed and open to the public.
  • Grantee organizations may not re-grant fund received.
  • Grantee organizations must be in good standing and without outstanding debt to the City of Marshall.
  • The event or marketing opportunity must demonstrate a significant economic/cultural impact as relates to tourism, which may be fulfilled by showing documented hotel room nights booked and/or the number of tourists traveling into Marshall from outside their home communities.
  • Grantee must demonstrate financial capacity to undertake the project within 12 months of the application date.

Apply Here:

To receive funds we ask:

  • Fill out the application for funds below at least 3 months prior to Event, Season, or Tournament.
  • List Visit Marshall as a sponsor for the event / season / tournament
  • Link our Website and logo on your website
  • Allow a Visit Marshall Banner to be put up at the facility during the season / tournament / event (if applicable).
  • If there is an announcer, the announcer will say “Visit Marshall would like to welcome today’s fans and participants from XXX !” at each game or each day of the event. (if applicable) (This is done at all High School & SMSU games currently.) 

  • Please include full address

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