Marshall Bike Trails

Marshall is an extremely bike friendly community, from the Camden Regional Bike Trail, to the many paths around town, as well as the Marshall Bike Share program where we offer bikes for no charge! Marshall will help you cultivate the best biking experiences!

Camden Regional Bike Trail

The Camden Regional Trail is a paved, multi-purpose recreational trail extending from Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU) through the City of Marshall, connecting area residents to Camden State Park. About 4 miles of paved trail connect adjacent campuses of Marshall High School and SMSU to a network of bike lanes within the City of Marshall. At the West end of Marshall, the paved trail covers 10 miles of gently rolling hills between Victory Park (along MN HWY 23) to Camden State Park.

Camden Regional Bike Trail

Marshall Mountain Biking Trails

On the East side of Marshall right off Highway 23 is Victory Park. The park is on the Camden Regional Bike Trail. But if you get off the bike trail and go over the bridge of the Redwood River you will find a Mountain Bike / Walking trail that will make you feel like you aren’t that close to the highway. The mountain bike trail is perfect for kids who are just starting out, or well experienced adults. The Trail takes you through a field of prairie grass and trees while following the Redwood River.

Maybe you consider yourself a little more experienced when it comes to Mountain Biking and you want to try out a harder course. This we would suggest heading out to Camden State Park, there are 4.25 miles of biking trails. And a 1.1 miles of single Track rake & ride. To get to the single track you will want to park in the South Picnic Area, from there head up the Prairie Pools Trail, when you get about .2 miles up the hill. (YES HILL) there will be a path to right that will bring you back down the mountain that is a single track, that is about .5 miles long. If you are looking for something a bit longer the Prairie Pools trail will meet up with the Bluebird trail, this will be about 1.5 miles of trail back to the swimming hole, from there you can take the road back to the South Picnic area where your car is parked.

Marshall Bike Share Program

Sometimes, when you travel, it’s difficult to pack the items you want the most. If you love to bike and explore by two wheels, the Marshall Area YMCA offers a bike share program where you can rent, ride and return bikes for a low fee. If you want to spend the afternoon feeling the wind on your face on the Camden Regional Bike Trail, or even keep it for a couple of days to expand your adventures, stop by one the Marshall Area YMCA locations to rent a bike.

There are bikes available at each location for you to rent, and you can use the bike for up to three days. Bring along a valid driver’s license or two forms of identification, fill out some brief paperwork and then go on your way. Bikes are first come, first served and subject to availability. Bike rentals come with a bike lock and helmets are available during checkout.

Marshall Area YMCA

Need to Service your Bike?

Check out one of our sporting goods stores! From The Bike Shop, Walmart, Runnings, Borches they will have everything you need to get your bike in tip top shape this season!


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