Marshall History Walking Tour

Downtown Marshall History Walk

The Lyon County Historical Society is developing a historic walking tour, right now there are 4 stops in downtown Marshall.

  1. Your first stop is at the 9/11 memorial, on the corner of Main Street & E. College Drive. The memorial was brought to us by The Marshall Fire Department, they acquired a beam from the rubble of the World Trade Center in New York City.
  2. Cross the street to the now Atlantic Place / Ralco Building, on the corner of Main Street & E. College Drive
  3. Head into the heart of downtown where you will stop in front of the Marshall Gambler for your third stop.
  4. Cross the street onto the EAST side of the road, and you will see the City Hall building under construction, next to that you will find your next stop which was home to the Marshall Hotel. The hotel was tore down in June of 2020.
Image of History Tour

Look for these Historical Kiosk's downtown that will give you a look into the History of the site right in front of you!


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