Children’s Library

Sometimes, all you need is a relaxing environment and a good book. This is true at any age, but we’re talking to the kids for this one. If you’re visiting and you prefer an activity that is less active, the Marshall-Lyon County Library is home to the Robert L. and Phyllis Carr Children’s Library. Through the giant book entrance is a world of imagination and exploration. The library’s children’s collection holds more than 29,000 items, including books for all ages, a variety of media and even some games.

            The children’s library has a patio, with a life size chess game and other outdoor activities if the kids are feeling a little more active after their adventures with pirates or enchanted forests. The patio also features sitting space, to allow its users to enjoy fresh air while getting lost in a good book – for all ages. The library hosts events on a regular basis, providing extra entertainment throughout the week. These events include costume making, book readings, movie nights, writing sessions, family friendly yoga, and so much more! Check out the library website for to see what’s coming up next

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