Tasty Take-Out

There are so many things to enjoy in Marshall and making the top of the list is the FOOD! With the new orders put in place by Governor Walz, the local eateries are changing things up to offer delicious take-out. From entire family meals, brunch spreads, or a growler fill-up, Marshall is your spot for all things tasty.

After the coffee shop baton was handed off in 2018, this cute Café became Main-Stay: “something that provides support and makes it possible for something to exist or succeed.” They don’t want to just fill people’s tummies, but fill their whole being (does that give you all the feels or what?)

Serving up everything from fresh brewed coffee to warm out of the oven muffins, Main-Stay has your brunch needs covered. Stock-up on their heat & serve seasonal soups (we are a little partial to their roasted squash soup), a pan of egg bake, or treats like their melt-in-your-mouth NY style cheesecake. While you’re picking up, don’t forget to treat yourself to a latte of the day!

Chicken and berry salad plated on a checkerboard background.
Pouring Coffee into mug
Warm muffins fresh from the oven

With a move from Lucan’s small-town population 220 to Marshall, the taproom of Brau Brothers Brewing Co. was born. Along with the move came the iconic fire truck that now houses 24+ beer taps. Many brews and menu items containing local produce have Brau Brothers priding themselves on “finding friends in rural places”.

Place an online order for one of their signature pizzas or set your sights on their weekly specials. No matter what you order, it all pairs well with an ice-cold beer (it may be obvious, but our favorite current beer is the Cultivate Pale Ale – Brau’s first ever beer collab with the City of Marshall.) And top it all off with a Brau Ice Cream Float, filled with their house-made soda or Brau Brothers Moos Joos Oatmeal Stout Beer!

Growler of beer by neon Brau Brothers sign
Pizza drizzled with ranch.
Ice Cream Cone infront of FireTruck

Every town has their long-standing sports bar, and the Wooden Nickel is a Marshall classic. But with a face lift this past year and an updated menu the Nickel is no old timer in the food scene.

With the take-out only Governors order in place, the Wood Nickel has brought a “package deal” to life. The Family Dinner Special is one of our favorites in town, covering something for everyone in your house (1 appetizer, 2 kid’s meals, 2 burgers, & Family Fry). Don’t forget to add a Lift-Bridge Soda and their iconic Nickel cup to your order!

Two sandwiches, 2 Burgers, Pickles & Fries
Fresh Veggies in gyro wrappers.
Wing platter with ranch, french fries, and celery

This is only a small sampling of the delicious food that Marshall has to offer, print off the below list for a full listing of current Take-Out options. And when the time is right, come and sit down in our town... to enjoy a beer at the brewery, or a coffee in the window. But for now, we hope you enjoy all the #OnlyInMarshall tastes via take-out.

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