405 Loft Hanging decor

As the spring air moves in, we throw open the windows & get the itch to refresh!

Start one room, closet or dresser at a time. Whether your cleaning or editing your home the exciting part is your making room for fresh new finds! Maybe its adding a beautiful fiddle leaf fig from Greenwood Nursery to livin up your living room space this Spring. Or maybe after getting rid of the clothing that you haven't worn in the past year - it gives you a great excuse to shop Noble Woman or Coco Avenue for some new closet staples. The seasonal urge to purge can sometimes feel daunting... but when you find cute, functional items like a new hanging rack in the kitchen from 405 Loft/Bot Appliance - it will change your whole mood! Even putting out new throw pillows can change the whole room to a fresh spring vibe.

Come shop Marshall for all your supplies, clothing staples & seasonal touches you need in this budding time of year!


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