9/11 Memorial – Marshall MN

There are plenty of differences between Marshall, Minnesota and New York City, New York. For example, the only traffic jam in our small town of Southwest Minnesota may be caused by a tractor or a windmill part coming through town. Not to mention, the closest thing we may have to a high-rise would be the water tower or the windmills collecting energy on the outskirts of town. Although the two cities are very different from each other, we do have an important landmark that connects us to the Big Apple.

September 11th, 2001 was a trying time for our country, no matter where you might have been at that point in history. Our Memorial Park, located in downtown Marshall, is home to a beam acquired from the rubble of the World Trade Center in New York City by the Marshall Fire Department. This memorial celebrates our nation’s capacity to survive and overcome adversity and at the same time symbolize the renewal and resolve of a nation which came together on that fateful day. Memorial Park acts as a gathering place for our revitalized downtown and will honor the public safety personnel who sacrificed their lives to save others.

Surrounded by gorgeous flowers, plant life in the summer and pavers that represent all the people who lost their life that day, (blue stars- policemen red stars- firemen black stars- other.) this park is a great place to take in the history of our country, just a short walk away from all our downtown Marshall shops. Whether you choose to walk through and daydream about history or bring along a book to relax in the fresh air – Memorial Park is a must-see spot when you visit Marshall.


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