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Medallion Hunting around Marshall

Picture this: You bundle up the whole family, head to Marshall and enjoy the day bopping from park to park, strolling downtown, grabbing take-out, and enjoying a Hot Cocoa or coffee while watching your kids laugh! (Count me in for getting outside & running off the no school energy!)

The Medallion Hunt does just that! Gets you out exploring Marshall.

On Monday December 28th, at 1:30pm the first clue will be posted in the Facebook event. Start your hunting! Clues will be posted daily through Jan. 3rd at the same time each day until the Medallion is found. Use the clues to narrow your search, as this hunt is city wide! If you are the finder of the Medallion - take a winning selfie at the spot it was found and bring it into the Visit Marshall office at 118 West College Drive to redeem your prize!

Enjoy this event as a welcome excuse to get outside while the kids are out of school and take in this beautiful weather! It does not cost anything to participate and is intended for all ages.

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