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Annual Photography Contest - Celebrating 150 Years

On Sep 30, 2020
Posted by Julia Stuckey

The annual Photography contest for 2020 will run from August 14 to
November 7. The theme for this year is "Celebrating 150 Years in Lyon
County". We have 2 categories for the participants. One category is
"Transportation" and centers around "Traversing the County for work or
pleasure". The second category is "Town and Country" and relates to
"Images related to town or country living". Entry fee is $15 for one
entry and $25 for 2 entries.

We will have a Peoples Choice award with a certain time frame for
voting. We will also have 1st and 2nd prizes for each category as well
as a "Best in Show" award. There will be a date and reception for the
awarding of prizes and viewing all photos. Photographs must be taken in
Lyon County and be less than 2 years old.

Event repeats