Holiday Lights of Marshall

Lyon County Museum - Christmas Decorations
Downtown Marshall - 3rd Street Mural at Night
Marshall Bridge over Hwy 23 looking down at Christmas Lights at Night
Coco Avenue on Main Street - Lights at Night
Southwest Minnesota State University - Mustang at Night
Mrs. Whitney Statue at Night with Christmas Lights
The Escape Spa - Christmas Lights Gingerbread Float
Downtown Marshall - Main Street Marcotte Jewelry Lights at Night
Memorial Park - Lit at Night
Lyon County Museum - Christmas Tree Walk Close up Decorations

The holidays give us all that warm cozy feeling. One of the things adding to that feeling, is Christmas Lights! Plan a cruise around Marshall to take in the sights. (Our recommendation would be to grab popcorn from Marshall 6 Theaters, Hot Cocoa from Bagels & Brew, and crank-up the Christmas music on 101.7 Marshall Radio KMHL!)

Here is a list of some of our favorite views.

Snowflakes on City Lights - Lining the streets from East College Drive to West College Drive, you can't miss the beauty on each City light!

Liberty Park Gazebo - Enjoy a break or a picnic while sitting in the gazebo viewing the lighted trees and watching the town buzz by.

Memorial Park - The newly finished park shines light on the sacrifices made by veterans. After dusk the park lights in red & is backed by the lighted bridge and entry archways.

The Escape Spa - Candy Canes line the spa with icicle lights dangling from above.

Southwest Minnesota State University Welcome statue - Park and take a stroll around the pond on the skirts of campus. Viewing the 1,400 pound Bronze Mustang Sculpture done by alumni John Sterner. During the holidays it is adorned with a festive wreath, and greets you as you pull in to town.

Lyon County Museum Christmas Tree Walk - End your night of viewing lights by strolling the Christmas Tree Walk online! Over 13 trees were decorated by local businesses & organizations. Have your crew vote on there favorite, all while you are online! (Click here to view)

Mrs. Whitney statue - The giver of our towns name, Mary Whitney, has a beautiful statue in the center of town. Backing the beautiful statue at night are giant evergreens wrapped in lights & the Holy Redeemer Catholic Church steeple in the distance.

Downtown Light - From festive windows, iconic neon signs & trees wrapped in lights. Make a point to window shop the downtown businesses as you stroll the city sidewalks.

Light Up the Night - Independence Park is adorned with lights on every tree, bridge, and building. You can drive thru on Saturday & Sunday nights from 5pm-7pm or walk thru the winter wonderland of lights any night of the week! (More information here)

Highway 23/Saratoga Pedestrian Bridge - Race your kids up the bridge, to view the city lights from a new vantage point. The neighborhoods around the bridge showcase beautifully lighted trees.

Tis the season to sparkle, so get out and enjoy the little moments! Click below for a fun printable to take on your adventure. Snap pictures along the way of your Scavenger Hunt and tag us @visitmarshallmn or use #onlyinmarshall.

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