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Haunted Tower on Erie Road

May we take you on a strange journey - up 5 floors of thrills & chills?

You enter the Haunted Tower on October 29th or 30th and are greeted by 3 witches, back from the dead. As their cackles echo you take the steps up the tower to find creepy kids in corn watching your every move. As your nerves set in and you head up to the 3rd floor, a masked man is there waiting for you. The higher you go, more horrified you’ll grow! The rest of this spooky story I’ll save for your arrival at the Haunted Tower!

So, make your reservations for Friday or Saturday night from 7-11pm at or check out the Visit Marshall Facebook page for all the spooky details. Visit Marshall is proud to present this horrifying time with support by SMSU Drama Club and SMSU Students today Alumni Tomorrow.

Haunted Tower 2021 - Actor and scared girl

See you at the Haunted Tower on Erie Road… if you dare!

Haunted Tower 2021 - Actor with sword
Haunted Tower 2021 - Bloody Hand
Haunted Tower 2021 - Actor with skull
Haunted Tower 2021 - We've Been Waiting for You
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