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Next Wednesday August 11th kicks off the start of Lyon County Fair! Running from Wednesday through Sunday August 15th there is something for all ages to enjoy! Here are our top 10 items to not miss out on at the Fair (we will let you choose which is your #1!)

  • Concerts - With shows from White Sidewalls, Hicktown Mafia, Jason Pritchett, Cody Hicks, and a surprise Kick-off concert on Wednesday night... there is music to make you move every night of the Fair!
  • Ralco Enrichment Center - Showcasing modern agriculture and natural resources all in an interactive exhibit (equip with newborn piglets, a corn pit, and so much more!)
  • Fair Food - ('nff said!) Mini-donuts, dairy truck milk shakes, greasy burgers, pie ala mode, cotton candy, corn dogs & fried Twinkie's - just to name a few. There are tons of food stands to feed your crew.
  • Merriam's Carnival Rides - With an array of rides for different ages, your family will hoot and holler cruising around a tilt-a-whirl or ferris wheel! (Open daily with wrist bands available.)
  • PRCA Rodeo - Two nights to catch a bucking good time! Sport you pink gear on Friday Night for Prairie Home Hospice Tough Enough to Wear Pink.
  • Demolition Derby - Its a smash! The kids will love to watch them crash and they also offer a Power Wheels Derby.
  • 4-H Barns - Horses, bunnies, ducks, and calves all decorated in Red, Blue, Purple ribbons... enjoy strolling to barns and admiring the beautiful animals.
  • Rolle Bolle - Being right next to the Rolle Bolle Capital, this had to be on our list. Tournaments spanning every day of the fair, you have tons of time to get in on this Midwestern sport!
  • Entertainment Acts - From Silly Miss Tilly, to the Strongman, Pig Races, Peddal Pulls and Baton Twirlers, there is excitement and interaction at every moment of the fair!
  • Beer - Last but certainly not least (for those 21+) enjoy the beer garden! With Happy Hour daily from 5-7pm
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