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COOLEST activities in Marshall, MN

Sick of being cooped up inside, and we are only a month into winter? Try out this list of our COOLEST activities to enjoy in our southwestern Minnesota winter!

  1. Sledding - Slide down the Independence Park snow filled slops
  2. Snowshoeing - Trek through the quiet woods at Camden State Park on rented snowshoes from the park office
  3. Shred some ice - Compete in a game of pond hockey or broom ball at the outdoor rink or pond at Independence Park
  4. Sip a hot toddy - Get bundled up to embrace the Minnesota winter on a patio at the Wooden Nickel or Tavern 507!
  5. Roll some Rocks - Try out curling in Marshall Community Services intro to curling, league or annual Bonspiel Tournament!
Outdoor Hockey Rink
Red Baron Arena 4 guys curling
Camden Tara Plante Snowshoeing
Wooden Nickel Hot Toddy on Patio
Independence Park Sledding

Come freeze time in Marshall with your family & friends while cultivating the best adventures this winter!

Independence Park Winter Pano
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