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Upon entering the kitchen, the scent of peanut butter, chocolate, and rootbeer filled the air...

Let us take you on a behind the scenes tour of Walnut Grove Mercantile. Home of delicious Fudge, Honey, BBQ sauce, Jams, Soaps & Caramels made right on site, in Marshall! Established in 1992, they started with making gourmet flavored honeys. Since then, they have grown their business to an entire line of homemade products that are shipped out world wide from right here in Marshall. The Fudge started with straight forward recipes and now they are making elaborate flavors like Rhubard Crisp, Tiramisu, and July's Fudge of the Month - Dreamsicle! The ladies in the kitchen follow a very detailed and organized process they follow to make the fudge. Nearing the holiday season they produce hundreds of pounds to be shipped or in their retail shop.

So when you you Visit Marshall, stop out to Walnut Grove Mercantile. Pick-out your favorite fudge flavors and shop their gift shop filled with baking items, childrens unique toys, candies, and so much more! Call ahead and ask for a tour or set-up a Fudge Fundraiser with them. Just make sure you don't leave without their legandary honey, which started it all!

A maker pouring fudge in a pan on a scale
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